Hello to all of you out there.  I am not sure what has brought you to my blog, no matter if you are a loved one or are interested in traveling or working in a developing country I welcome you. My name is Morgan Marler and I am a senior Humanities for Teaching and Political Science major at Seattle University. I will be spending the next two and a half months living and traveling in Nicaragua. I will be spending my first two weeks at a spanish school, La Mariposa, located about 45 mins outside Managua to get my spanish back up to speed.  After those two weeks I will travel to El Limon Dos in the county of Rivas, see the location of El Limon Dos  google maps here, to intern with Casa Verde, a non-profit dedicated to the empowerment of the community of El Limon Dos.  Casa Verde’s (CV) stated mission is to “provide youth – from all backgrounds – the experiences, skills and sustainable resources to reach their highest potential in global society” (Casa Verde).  During my time as an intern there I will be working to create a metric system for CV to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of their goals and the outcomes in the community.  I have worked with a few non-profits during my time at Seattle U but never in this capacity.  While I expect difficulties along the way I am excited by the skills and experience I will gain and of course the beautiful people I will meet along the way! 


Until next time, 




2 thoughts on “Foreword

  1. Morgan I wish you every success in this endeavor! I will be praying for your good health, for wisdom and safety as well as that you be a blessing to the people you are doing this with and for. Love you, Grandma Marilyn

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